Sunday, December 23, 2012

Basics Data Structures and Algorithms Video Tutorial

Basics and Introduction of Data Structures and Algorithms Video Tutorial

Data structure is one most important concept computer engineering students and information technology students and also useful for software engineers.
If u know C and C++ then it will be easy to learn data structures concepts.
Data structure can be use more technologies like c++, java,C3,Php etc.
the material covered by this course is fundamental to all aspects of computer science.
These diverse fields often use similar data structures, such as lists, hash tables, trees and graphs, and often apply similar algorithms to perform basic tasks such as table lookup, sorting, searching, or operations on graphs. It is the purpose of this course to give a broad understanding of such commonly used data structures and their related algorithms.
An algorithm is a systematic process for solving some problem. This course will take the word ‘systematic’ fairly seriously. It will mean that the problem being solved will have to be specified quite precisely, and that before any algorithm can be considered complete it will have to be provided with a proof that it works and
an analysis of its performance. In a great many cases all of the ingenuity and complication in algorithms is aimed at making them fast (or reducing the amount of memory that they use) so a justification that the intended performance will be attained is very important.

Basics Data Structures and Algorithms Video Tutorial

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